PoochPup services

We understand that not every company has the money to work with us on an ongoing basis which is why we offer a number of different options for those who still need PR support but can only commit to a one off or low cost option. Our PoochPup services are perfect for start ups or small businesses who are in need of a low cost, non committal PR support, or just fancy learning how to do it themselves. It's like a mini PR service tailored just for you!

We have four packages tailored to suit all your needs.


This DIY package will give you everything you need to start doing your own PR. This package is designed to give you the confidence and tools to run your own PR campaigns. The package includes:

  • 2 hour consultancy with PoochPR Director, Sarah 
  • A 'how to' mini guide to writing a press release
  • A press release template
  • Mini guide to social media
  • List of relevant bloggers
  • Database of top 25+ media contacts 
  • Information on any awards to consider and what to enter (if applicable)


We offer a flexible, fixed fee pay-as-you-go service for your PR needs - perfect if you aren't a fan of commitment. From product launches to profile opportunities, for a one off cost this package will help raise your profile. We have a selection of different PR tools to choose from depending on your objectives but they can include:

  • Interview via email or telephone
  • Press release research
  • Drafting press release
  • Distribution of press release to key journalists
  • Follow up to key media
  • Promotion via PoochPR social media channels


For a low cost monthly charge we offer three subscription options that includes some of the following services:

  • Review of your upcoming activities to decide on best media plan
  • Daily monitoring of media opportunities
  • Press release drafting and distribution (number dependent on which monthly package you opt for)
  • Reactive media work

Top dog Directory

Our media contacts package offers you the chance to purchase a list of your 'top dog' key target journalists for a one off low cost fee. This is the perfect option if you are confident in drafting and distributing our own press releases or have the capacity in-house just not the budget for the ongoing costs of subscribing to a journalist database.

If you think one of our PoochPup Services is for you, then please email us for a quote.